Commission Information

Bust-up Solid Shade

Bust-up Full Render

Waist-up Full Render

Full-body Full Render

Wind-up Style

Additional Characters

Example: You order a waist-up and one additional character (+75%) = $30 +$22.5 = $52.5

Simple Background

Extras (Weapon, Minions, Summons, etc)

Price depends on size and complexity, let's talk about it more in the email!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Payment via Paypal / Indonesian local bank transfer.
  2. Full payment required up front, will send you detailed process upon inquiry
  3. Turnover will vary according to your type of commission, I’ll make sure of everything in the email! Turnover days don’t include weekends.
  4. Unflattened .psd provided
  5. FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY, you may use it as your icon/banner and print for your personal use to your liking but no profits shall be made
  6. I WILL DO: Fanart, OCs, Final Fantasy’s mythical creatures with prominent human features, PG-rated pairing
  7. I WILL NOT DO: Furries, mecha, muscles (toned body is okay), realism, R-18, gore